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“Jesus is the one I live for"

Speaker 1

Ankit Rambabu

Preaching the Gospel to millions of souls all over the world, since 2008.

Ankit Rambabu is the son of Evangelist Rambabu. His heart is to serve the purpose of God in his life. He started his ministry at the age of 13. Now 23, He is preaching the gospel to millions in India, and across the world, every year. Ankit’s heart is to build the Kingdom of God and save as many souls as possible before our King, The Lord Jesus Christ comes back.

Ankit is also mentored by Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke and Dr. Rodney Howarde-Browne and has the heart for souls!

Evangelist Ankit Rambabu is the youngest known spirit-filled evangelist in India. He first made his mark in the ministry of evangelism at the tender age of 13. His first crusade had an attendance of over one hundred thousand people. Since that first crusade, he has been a force for the Kingdom of God on earth. Thus far Ankit has gone on to win more than 7 million (recorded) souls to the Kingdom of God through mass crusade meetings.